Why should I use WordPress for my business?

When choosing a content manager, we are invaded by doubts about which one to choose or which one would be better for me. For a few years, WordPress has become a favorite for many companies. But do you know why? Keep reading and we will tell you everything about WordPress and why you should choose it.

What is WordPress?

First of all, let’s start by explaining what WordPress is. WordPress is a content manager focused on the creation of a web page or a blog. It was first made famous through blogging but over time, many companies have used it to create content on a commercial website.

It is said that up to 40% of what is created on the internet is created in WordPress. These are commercial web pages, company or private blogs and small business projects.

Reasons to use WordPress

1. Infinity of templates

WordPress has a large bank of templates. These are free or paid but all allow people with design knowledge and people who do not to use them. They have good and various designs, they are easy to use and fit all devices

2. Different functionalities (Plugins)

It has Plugins with different functions for your business. You will find several types of plugins with the same function, at this point you just have to choose the one you like the most or the one that best suits your business.

These are free and make your website more functional, but also improve your content and user experience.

3. In continuous growth

Due to the high demand it has, it does not stop updating year after year. They’re continually working on new versions with new designs and features, and they address security so you don’t get left behind.

4. Free

WordPress offers you a content manager for both blog and web page with free software that does not require any license.

5. Positioning in search engines

WordPress offers a source structure that positions very well in search engines. In addition, you can install positioning plugins that will allow you, in posts and pages, to position yourself in search engines in a very simple way.

6. Different content formats

It not only uses the text format, but also allows you to integrate other formats such as video, images… in the text editor. This can make your pages and posts a more attractive and dynamic site for people who enter your page or blog.

If you are looking to create a page with WordPress or with another content manager, request information on our website and we will develop your project.

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