Tips for a perfect landing page

When creating a landing page, we must take several aspects into account that help us meet the objective set. Apart from the design, we have to take into account the content that we are going to put, the form, information that is useful for the client…

But if your Landing Pages do not achieve a good conversion rate or do not reach the goal, we leave you some tips to create a perfect Landing Page that you can use in your next projects.

Recommendations for your Landing Page

We are going to talk about tips to enhance your Landing Page, these are some examples that you can apply.

Clear and Eye Catching Headline

In order for them to notice your Landing Page and keep the information, you need a good title that represents the message you want to send, along with a design that attracts attention. Think that the title is the first thing they will read when entering the Landing Page.

Good content

The content of the Landing Page must be complementary to that of the title to determine the purpose of the offer and the importance it has for the user.

Use simple formats to read, that are not too heavy for the user. You should also use periods to make short but clear lists and sentences. You can accompany the text with multimedia content that complements the text and makes a much more dynamic Landing Page.


Forms are tools that help us collect information about users, their interests and what they like about our offer. In the fields of the form you should ask the interests of the users that are valid for your company or commercial objective. It is true that the simpler we make it, the more users will fill it out.

One strategy with forms is to strictly ask for certain information so that they can continue to interact with us. This is done with the aim of collecting more information.

Reduce leak points

These points refer to aspects that are not necessary in a Landing Page and that could create rejection for the user. These points can be the creation of a menu or links to blogs or other companies. It is better that you focus on the product or service that you are offering than giving more information about other things.

Customer Comments

For some Landing Pages, it can be very useful for users who do not know us to see comments from previous clients. This benefits us because they are real people who tell how their experience with us has gone and can create more confidence.

Personalized content

This type of content would go better on a Landing Page that was aimed at customers who have already registered their data and interests. This way they can enjoy content that interests them and they will surely be interested in the information on the Landing Page.

If you want help with your Landing Page or Web, we can help you. You just have to contact us and we will give you an answer as quickly as possible.

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