Improve your visibility on instagram

If you are here it is because you want to improve your visibility on Instagram or increase the one you already have. And it is that Instagram is today one of the channels with the highest growth, having more than 71% of registered trademarks in this social network.

Tips for more visibility on Instagram

1. Take advantage of the content of other users

To get the content of other users, it is essential that you have a good community of users and that they are participatory with your brand.

This type of content is beneficial because you don’t spend a lot of resources, you just have to take care of your brand image and know how to upload content. Like following a color palette or the same design styles.

Involving your community on Instagram can be very beneficial for your brand and Instagram.

2. Use of Hastags

To use hashtags well in your publications, it is essential that you do a preliminary study of which ones will benefit you. It is important to do a study of keywords and thus compete in the sector.

If a hastag has a lot of competition and generates a lot of content, you won’t get many views. It is better to look for a hastag that is active and represents you, but that is not so used. It will be easier to find you through that hastag than the one that is most used.

3. Good posts and stories

The posts or stories that we publish on our Instagram must be informative or promotional of our brand. Therefore, it is important to follow the same style when uploading any publication and even relate the posts to the stories.

You can upload a post to Instagram in which you promote something and continue announcing it through the stories. Many people reupload it with the “New Post” tag but it may benefit more to upload another photo or design announcing that post.

You can also use the reels to advertise, since now with Tik Tok they are of great help to make you visible on Instagram and get more visits to your profile.

4. From entertainment to business

This social network begins as a form of entertainment for users who want to interact with it. Therefore, it is essential that your brand wants to entertain first in order to reach the largest number of users. Either way, it is important that everything is organic and thus be able to carry out subsequent company actions without losing those followers.

5. Get updated on the networks

Getting followers and making them last on this social network can take a long time until they are consolidated. You may not do it the first time or the second time, but it is important to be consistent and trust that it can be done.

To do this, you must create a unique style for your brand that you must use and not lose that essence when you achieve your goals. The only thing is that over time you must update and renew your content or style without losing your essence. When you find your formula for success, do not let it escape and continue as long as it gives you good results.

6. Try different formats

Every time something new comes out you have to do it or start using it as soon as possible. If there are polls in stories, use them. If reels come out, use them. So you can use avatars and questions, use them.

You have to try to be updated to be among the first to use updates or trends, otherwise when you are going to use them they will already be outdated and you will lose interest among your followers.

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