How to use Amazon ads to promote your business

When considering a sales-oriented advertising campaign, we always think of Facebook, Instagram or Google, it is the most normal since they are the best known. There are other possibilities such as using Amazon Ads to promote your business and in this post we will explain why you should include it in your future campaigns.

Amazon is the world’s e-commerce leader and the most important final online sales platform and the one that generates the most revenue. You can find all kinds of products and it allows you as an entrepreneur to sell on its Marketplace. In addition to this, you can use Amazon Ads to increase the visibility of your brand and thereby increase your sales. If you are wondering how it works, it is very simple: pay per click. The advertiser places ads in different locations, using different options to segment the audience, so you only pay when the user clicks.

Advantages of using Amazon Ads

We show you the advantages of using Amazon Ads when promoting your business


It is a platform with a large number of users which continues to grow every day.

Synergy between paid advertising and organic positioning

By advertising the products you sell on the platform, they will be shown more, you generate more sales and more rewievs. This way Amazon will position you higher.

Audience ready to buy

The user enters Amazon with the anticipation of buying a product that solves their needs.

What products does Amazon Ads offer us?

The platform offers us two location options

  • Ads within the Amazon page: with this option we reach a larger flow of buyers since Amazon visitors are in the firm option to buy.
  • Ads in other places on the internet: Amazon does not limit advertisers to only use its platform. It offers the possibility of publishing ads all over the internet, segmenting according to the information that Amazon has about them.

The different products offered by Amazon Ads

Sponsored product (sponsored ads): simplest format that you will find in Amazon Ads. It allows us to reach users while they are looking at products, giving them great visibility. This type of ad is shown in search results and can direct users directly to the store page. Sponsored ads are very simple: you choose the product, set a budget and select the keywords and categories to target.

Sponsored brands (featured ads): this format allows you to highlight certain elements such as your brand logo, 3 products and a headline, generating brand awareness through keywords. Their goal is to drive discovery of your brand. Its operation is based on bids, your ad will appear at the top of the search page if you have won the bid.

Stores: you can create your own page within Amazon, a service available to suppliers, sellers and agencies. The Stores have a branded URL with which to direct your traffic to where you want. With this option you will have to incorporate both the history of the brand and the entire product catalog. But it offers a great advantage, they are so simple that you don’t need to know programming, you can promote your products through photos and videos.

Display ad: these are ads aimed at generating brand and product awareness through personalized banners. They will appear on the Amazon page according to the user’s interests.

Video ad: they are a complement to display ads, they perform the same task but in video, so that it has a greater impact on the consumer. The success of this type of ads will depend on the creativity of the campaign. It is important to take care of quality and take into account that a large part of consumers will see it through their mobile devices.

Personalized advertisement: perhaps the most complex format since they require the help of an advisor. Through these types of ads you create personalized and innovative experiences such as live events or 360° videos.

As we can see, Amazon is one of the greats in e-commerce and every day it grows more, competing with one of the greats of the internet: Google. Reason why it is important to include you in our advertising strategy. Through this platform we can not only highlight products but reinforce our brand among potential buyers.

The most important thing is that you know how to combine advertising campaigns in different media. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us. What do you think of the option of selling through Amazon?

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