3 communication tools necessary for the creation of a website

The moment of creating a website is a fundamental stage for any company that wishes to have visibility for its clients on the Internet. However, the truth is that we are facing a completely blank page that we must work on and complement with a series of elements if we want to guarantee its usability by the user. For example, one of those aspects is communication tools, which allow us to interact with potential customers.
In this way, it is not only necessary to optimize the content or make everything work correctly. These tools become something basic, since users usually look for a website where they can find much more advanced functions and that allow them to solve their doubts without having to leave the website they are on.
Below we will detail a list with some of the communication tools necessary for the creation of a website:

Web buttons

Nowadays, it is normal to find that most companies offer their products or services through the Internet. In this sense, it is normal for potential customers to have doubts and, therefore, during their purchase procedure or even after completing said process, they want to contact us.
To facilitate communication, tools such as web buttons embedded in our brand website can be very useful. In this way, customers will only have to click on them to get in touch in real time and free of charge with an agent through voice, chat and video. In addition, it does not matter where both parties are located, since, if we use VoIP telephone systems, the communication takes place over the Internet.
Among the buttons that we can include on our website we can find

Web chat buttons

Through this means of communication, customers have the possibility of communicating in real time through text messages. In addition, if we have a unified communications solution like Fonvirtual’s, in which all the voice, chat and video channels are connected to each other, we can convert a conversation through text messages into a voice or video call. (and vice versa), without the need to leave the interaction.
In addition, web chat also offers the possibility of implementing Artificial Intelligence tools such as chatbots, which allow you to automate certain tasks and attend to less qualified requests from customers at any time, freeing agents to prevent them from being overwhelmed.


We cannot ignore the fact that most customers now prefer to communicate through instant messaging applications and other written means. However, we also cannot ignore that there are still people who continue to choose voice calls.
In these cases, to make it easy for these customers, a call button or Click to Call is one of the necessary tools for the creation of our website. When the customer clicks on it, a voice call will be launched and the customer can start talking to an agent from their browser as if it were a traditional call.

Click to video

It is a button like Click to Call, but in this case, as its name suggests, clicking on it triggers a video call. This translates into a much more personalized communication and allows agents to directly demonstrate the features of the products, enhancing their characteristics and increasing the probability of sale.
contact forms
Contact forms are a necessary tool in the creation of a website, since, in the event that there is no agent available, they allow us to collect customer data to be able to speak with them later. In addition, they can be quite useful for users to communicate their suggestions to us.
The most important thing is that, when building them, our forms have the basic fields to be able to communicate effectively with customers, such as name, phone number and email. From there, you can include as many as you want, but keep in mind that the longer the form, the less comfortable it will be for users and, therefore, they will avoid filling it out, losing an opportunity to talk to them.


Finally, although a blog does not allow you to speak directly with your customers, it is a communication tool that you should not ignore when creating your website. The reason is that with it you can publicize all the products and services you offer, enhancing their characteristics and offering all the information that you think users should know.
In addition, the blog is the ideal complement for the rest of the tools, since, if you manage to captivate your audience and offer them the advantages of your products, you will encourage them to contact you through any of the means mentioned above.

In short, creating a website is not easy, since it is important to spend time planning the elements that you must include, especially the communication tools, since they will be the link between your potential clients and your company.

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